First Signs of Spring?First Signs of Spring?

The temperature might still be a bit chilly, but spring is coming soon, and it’s the best time for you to start preparing for their outdoor promotions. Whether they are looking for a way to promote your cause for the busy election season of 2016 or want to build enthusiasm for your spring sale. First Signs of Spring?  Yard Signs start springing out of the ground.

Yard Signs

Yard signs are ready for a wide variety of uses. Corrugated plastic signs include ”H” step stakes that makes them easy to set up for yard or lawn use. They are printed in full color UV ink on white corrugated plastic, a flexible printing option that is ideal for photographs, company logos, and more.

Corrugated signs have an estimated wear time of 6-9 months, so the bright colors and promotional potential will last well into autumn.   Yet there are other options for the budget conscious or perhaps shorter duration promotions.

New Glued Posters!

Large Format

How to Use Full Color Signage

Full color yard signs are a great addition to any outdoor grassy area, whether that is the boulevard outside your shop or in the yard of a customer (or supporter).

The first use for yard signs that you may think of is probably in the real estate market, and yard signs definitely offer a big opportunity for home sales while the weather is warmer. Full color printing also allows for these signs to feature realtor logos or even photographs to put a personal face on the home purchasing process.  Home services companies utilize them too such as home remodelers, painters, roofers, your name it…

Full color signs are also great for sales and events during the warmer weather. Use full color print to match event décor or to make them a little more eye-catching.

Drive to voteAnd, with the election season this year, full color yard signs are an excellent opportunity for you to promote the candidates and causes that they care about. Lightweight corrugated signs are ideal for this purpose because they make a big visual impact at an affordable price, allowing you to get more signs to spread your message more effectively.


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