Integrate your marketingIntegrate Your Marketing! How many promotional e-mails to you get every day? If you’re anything like us, it’s probably a lot. In fact, an estimated 84% of all e-mail is spam. With so much e-mail coming in to consumers every day, it’s not surprising that many online ads get lost in the shuffle or ignored completely.

All this e-mail oversaturation makes print media advertising more powerful, not less. However, with so much of business going online, the best way to handle the changing market needs is to integrate your print and online marketing strategies.

Get Social

Point customers to your social media presence in your print media. Be sure to include your twitter handle, your social media URLs, and even your e-mail address alongside other customer service information.

QR Codes

These codes can be used with smartphones to link directly to websites and can even be used to drive consumers to coupons. This eliminates the hassle of having to type in a full URL.

Get Personal

We love seeing our names on an envelope or an e-mail, and that personalization is a great way to bring together technology and print to make a message pop. This is especially true if you work primarily with digital promotions like e-mail newsletters, because it makes the print pieces even more special. Use personalization for birthday messages or mailings, for example.

Keep Track of Customer Preferences

Every customer you have has their preferences, and keeping track of them is key to getting customers to the channels that they connect to best. If they prefer information in print, be sure that they are on your direct mailing list. If they love getting mail occasionally but find e-mail easier, focus on the newsletter. That isn’t to say that they can’t receive both, but be sure to focus on the option that suits them best.

Integrate Your Marketing!

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