Messaging that hangs arroundWhile “Do Not Disturb” signs have been a mainstay of hotels everywhere for decades, they’re definitely not the only good use of the hang tag or door hanger! Custom hang tags can help boost sales by grabbing the attention of prospective customers and clients in a fresh way that leaves junk mail forgotten about in a heap on the counter.

Door hangers work like a charm for quick and easy door-to-door advertising, and offer a sleek and efficient vehicle for providing coupons, maps, or simply a full picture design.

Door Hangers -Door hangers are an effective advertising tool for targeting a specific audience or neighborhood. Your message is more likely to be read rather than glanced at as the hanger  must be physically removed from the doorknob. Whether selling a product or a service, attracting a local customer base with a door hanging campaign is easy. Ideal for:

  • Lawn Care, Carpentry, Roofing, Heating & Plumbing, Painting Services
  • Political Campaigns
  • Pizza and Restaurant Delivery Services
  • Coupons and Promotion

Messaging that hangs around

Magnets&HangtagsLooking for a little attention on the shelf?  Bottle hangers are a simple addition to wine, liquor, bottled sauces or marinades, shampoos, or any other product that arrives in a bottle. Simply slip the bottle hanger over the neck of the product to provide a coupon or discount, announce an upcoming product in the line, cross-promote another business, or put your logo in the spotlight. Consider it a slip-on necktie with a promotional purpose.

If you’re in need of mirror and parking hangers, we’ve got you covered. Parking hangers are the perfect solution for removable parking permits. Produced with a 20 mil white plastic with lamination, these parking hangers are up to the task and will remain in great shape no matter how many times they’re removed and replaced.


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