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Two Most Important Words in Customer Experiences

Building a strong customer relationship can be a challenge at times, but the key to keeping it strong can be found in the Two Most Important Words: “Thank You.”     We all like to be thanked, and putting those two little words to work in your...

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The Bumper Sticker with Maximum Versatility

  The Bumper Sticker with Maximum Versatility On SALE now through August 31, 2017 Many people do not like the idea of a semi-permanent sticker on their vehicle bumper. How about these magnetic "bumper stickers."   Easy to Remove and Reposition 3-5 Year...

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So Printing Isn’t Dead!

So Printing Isn't Dead! I stumbled across a neat SlideShare that titled "Printing Isn't Dead."   I will grant you that is it not absolutely current having been posted in 2011 yet I would venture that the concepts are just as relevant today. Here is some...

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5 Ways to Encourage Customer Loyalty

5 Ways to Encourage Customer Loyalty Customer loyalty isn’t just an ideal. It’s an essential way to keep your business successful. Loyal customers are more likely to come back and to place larger orders as they continue to do business with you. That makes loyalty a...

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First Signs of Spring?

First Signs of Spring? The temperature might still be a bit chilly, but spring is coming soon, and it’s the best time for you to start preparing for their outdoor promotions. Whether they are looking for a way to promote your cause for the busy election season of 2016...

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Integrate Your Marketing!

Integrate Your Marketing! How many promotional e-mails to you get every day? If you’re anything like us, it’s probably a lot. In fact, an estimated 84% of all e-mail is spam. With so much e-mail coming in to consumers every day, it’s not surprising that many online...

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Magic Persuasive Sticky Note

Magic Persuasive Sticky Note In 1968, a scientist at 3M in the United States, Dr. Spencer Silver, was attempting to develop a super-strong adhesive. Instead he accidentally created a "low-tack", reusable, pressure-sensitive adhesive.  For five years he and his fellows...

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