So Printing Isn’t Dead!

I stumbled across a neat SlideShare that titled “Printing Isn’t Dead.”   I will grant you that is it not absolutely current having been posted in 2011 yet I would venture that the concepts are just as relevant today. Here is some quick highlights and make sure you view the SlideShare below.

Printing misconceptions

  • People think that printing is bad for the environment — paper making is taking away our trees.
  • People think that the paperless office will do away with print.
  • People think that most of what is printed is thrown away or not read.
  • The younger generation don’t like it.

A Case for Print

  • Print is tactile. (okay, fancy word for… you can touch it)
  • Print is intimate and unhurried.
  • Print makes people feel special — Email is transactional whereas Print is relational.
  • Print is hands-on.
  • Print is comfortable.
  • Print has perceived value

Print Pays OffPrint Isn't Dead

  1. Inspiration. Consumers like print
  2. Impact. The quality of print expresses product quality and the credibility of the brand message.
  3. Interaction. They use it. They Study it. They hang on to it.


Check out this great Slideshare below from Werkshop


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