Building a strong customer relationship can be a challenge at times, but the key to keeping it strong can be found in the Two Most Important Words: “Thank You.”     We all like to be thanked, and putting those two little words to work in your business can bring big benefits. Two Most Important Words

1. Your Customers Want to Feel Valued
“Thank you” might be a short sentence, but it’s a simple way to show how much you value your customers. That feeling of value lets your customer feel a connection to your business. Remember, though, that a more personal thanks will have a greater impact. A form email might feel nice, but an email that includes your customer’s name will be even better, for example. The more personal the thanks, the more valued they will feel.

2. A Little Thanks Will Boost Your Bottom Line
Studies have shown that 38% of customers attribute a good customer experience to personalization. More than that, experts estimate that acquiring a new customer can be up to 10 times more expensive than keeping a current one, and established clients tend to spend more with your business. Thanking them can be a great way to improve their customer experience and keep customers coming back for another great order experience.

3. Thanking Customers Can Be Easy
There are so many ways to thank your customers. Take a moment to thank them before they leave with their order. If you are sending your customer’s order by mail, you can create a personal connection with a quick “thank you” note—if you have time to write that note by hand, even better. Thank them for their time over the phone or in an email if you have a question or update for their order. It’s a small thing that makes a big difference.

4. And It Can Be Inexpensive
Thanking a customer in person when they they visit you directly is absolutely free, but there are a variety of other free ways to thank them. Social media is another free way to thank your customers; thank someone for sharing your website, thank them for commenting on a post you’ve made on Facebook, or

5. It Can Be Surprising
One of the most surprising ways to thank customers is to thank them for criticism. This can be a challenge—after all, it’s hard to thank someone for pointing out what you’ve done wrong—but it will show customers that you value their feedback and value the chance to do better next time. Thanking customers for feedback, negative or positive, can also give you that second chance if customers see that you are taking their criticism to heart.

Two Most Important Words

So how do you show thanks to your customers? 

And, speaking of thanking customers, I want to take a moment to say:

thank you for reading and for doing business with

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