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Why Business Cards Still Matter (and How to Effectively Use Yours)



Technology, and—more specifically—smartphones have made information sharing easier. These days you can email someone while you’re meeting them with a few quick taps of your thumb. There are even apps out there that can share contact information with someone with barely any effort at all. So why bother with a card when you have all of this other stuff? Networking is about making meaningful connections, and sometimes technology—or the act of using it—can be impersonal.

  • Business cards still matter because our memory sucks.
  • A business card is a road map to opportunity
  • Business cards provide tangible information for others
  • Business cards put a face to a business
  • Business cards never have downtime. They’re always accessible, and never have dead zones or Internet outages.

“Meeting someone in person only to look down at your phone and start tapping can seem rude and disconnected. You want to smile, make eye contact, and make the conversation you’re having be your main focus. You don’t want to be hoping they have the same information sharing app, asking for their email immediately to send your info, or looking down at your screen.”

But business cards already use one of the best information sharing apps out there: your hands. Until we actually can look someone in the eye to share information, you’re better off keeping conversations personal and connected.

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